More details have surfaced about an off-duty St. Louis police officer killed Thursday by a colleague. Two male officers went to one of their homes during their shift. A female officer, 24-year-old Katlyn Alix, stopped by.

St. Louis Police Officer Katlyn Alix

“While they were there at that home, what we understand to be an accidental discharge, the female off-duty officer was shot in the chest,” says Police Chief John Hayden.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports Alix was shot with a revolver – not a department weapon.

No information has been released about the reason Alix and the officers were there.

The newspaper reports the other officers were not injured in the shooting but the officer who fired the gun has been hospitalized for an undisclosed reason.

Hayden did not disclose how many times the woman was shot. He says the officers took Alix to a hospital where she died shortly after.

The investigation continues.

Alix was married to a fellow officer, who was not among the group involved in the shooting.

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