State Auditor Nicole Galloway calls a Department of Revenue mistake an “unjust action.” She’s referring to the department’s failure to withhold enough money from paychecks – costing hundreds of thousands of taxpayers part of their refund or they might owe money this year.

Nicole Galloway being sworn in Jan. 14, 2019

“This is real money to real people,” she says. “Some officials in Jefferson City act as if the loss of even $50 or $100 won’t matter to people. This is exactly why Missourians feel that the system is rigged against them. And this creates distrust in our public institutions.”

During Galloway’s swearing-in ceremony Monday at the state Capitol in Jefferson City, she says the mistake totals about $134 million taxpayers were not expecting to pay.

“The administration might be trying to sweep this under the rug, but I will hold them accountable to you,” she says. “Missourians deserve transparency.”

Missourinet is awaiting a response from the Governor’s office.

Galloway, a Democrat from Columbia, has served as state auditor since 2015. She defeated Republican Saundra McDowell in last November’s election to seal her first full term as state auditor.