Eric Schmitt has officially moved from the state treasurer’s to attorney general’s office. During a swearing-in ceremony today at the State Supreme Court Building in Jefferson City, Schmitt says he will honor the law fiercely.

Schmitt takes the oath of office

“There isn’t anything in that oath about politics or political party. So, we will honor the law,” he says. “Our goal is simple – to make this office the envy of attorney general offices across the country, to make this the best law firm in the state of Missouri, to do the right thing by our fellow citizens and protect them by any and all threats.”

The state’s top legal officer says the people deserve to feel safe.

“In fact, governments at their basic level, exist to protect the safety and welfare of the people and to secure people’s God-given rights,” he says.

Schmitt becomes Missouri’s 43rd attorney general – replacing fellow Republican Josh Hawley, who has also been sworn in today in Washington, D.C. as Missouri’s other U.S. Senator.

Republican Scott Fitzpatrick of southwest Missouri’s Shell Knob will be sworn in later this month as the next state treasurer.

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