A former Grundy County deputy in northwest Missouri has been featured on an Investigation Discovery network program called “Body Cam”. Christian Goode says the show is about a 2017 Oklahoma incident in which he was stabbed by a sex offender who failed to register and had several felony warrants.

Former Missouri deputy featured on television about deadly 2017 shooting

“That’s kind of the one thing that I’ll never forget is hearing that knife open,” Goode tells Missourinet affiliate KTTN in Trenton. “As soon as he opens the knife, he runs forward at me and I had to drop my baton to get my firearm. He hits me in my left abdomen.”

The suspect stabbed the deputy between two of Goode’s ribs, left shoulder and chest.

“The vest stopped the one in the right chest,” Goode says. “At the same time, he’s attacking me and I was firing my weapon.”

Goode says he did not have to have any surgery. The suspect died at the scene.

Goode was able to go home that night and went back to “light” work after six weeks of recovery. He calls himself “blessed” and “thankful” to be alive.

Over the summer, crews with Investigation Discovery interviewed Goode, his wife, and three other officers on the scene of the incident.

“It does show what kind of goes on a little bit behind the scene with kind of the emotions and what we feel to show that we are human,” he says.

The program is available online at the Investigation Discovery website.

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