State Sen. Gary Romine is proposing to refine the Senate’s confirmation process of gubernatorial appointments when his chamber is not in session. Former Gov. Eric Greitens, a Republican, fired and replaced Missouri Board of Education members last year until he could find ones willing to terminate Margie Vandeven as education

Senator Gary Romine, R-Farmington

commissioner. Ironically, the board, which no longer consists of Greitens’ appointments, has re-hired Vandeven for the top education job.

“We just want to make sure we clarify the process so that we don’t have the games that were played last year,” Romine tells Missourinet. “The termination of her (Vandeven) employment was not done properly, there was no cause for that termination. With the debacle that took place over last year, I’m glad to see the board decided to give her another opportunity to take on that job.”

Romine was among the long line snaking around the education building hallway last year when two meetings were called in an effort to oust Vandeven. Education and legislative leaders, press members and other interested parties were there to watch the outcome for themselves.

Romine, a Republican from Farmington, has served on the Senate’s Education Committee for six years. He is currently the chairman of the committee and hopes to be chosen again for the role in the next legislative session.

Vandeven will return to her previous role next month.

Missouri legislators are pre-filing bills for the upcoming session that begins January 9.

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