Day two of Nicholas Godejohn’s first-degree murder trial in southwest Missouri featured witnesses called to the stand by the prosecution.

Nicholas Godejohn on trial for murder in Springfield November 14th, 2018 (Image courtesy of KOLR-TV)

Godejohn is accused of killing Dee Dee Blanchard, the mother of his ex-girlfriend Gypsy Blanchard, in June of 2015.

The murder weapon was introduced to the jury Wednesday.

Godejohn focused on Greene County Detective Stan Hancock as he showed the jury the large knife Godejohn used to stab Dee Dee Blanchard 17 times in the back.

Along with the knife, the jury saw the bloody blue latex glove Godejohn wore while murdering Blanchard.

Detectives testified that the knife was mailed in an envelope from Springfield to Godejohn’s home in Big Bend, Wisconsin.

Detectives found the weapon days later in a closet while searching Godejohn’s bedroom.

In addition to seeing the murder weapon, the jury saw pictures of stolen cash from Dee Dee, wigs, and blood-stained clothes, all evidence detectives collected from Godejohn’s home.

The analyst showed that there were searches on Godejohn’s computer for tasers, knives, bondage tape, and sex toys.

After that, the analyst read hundreds of text messages between Godejohn and Gypsy.

A lot of them were very sexually explicit.

In the texts, Gypsy talked about wanting to get pregnant and live with Godejohn in Milwaukee among many other topics.

The computer analyst was still reading those hundreds of text messages after the day was done.

So as you can imagine, that could take a while.

The state plans on calling one more witness to the stand then it’s the defense’s turn to call its witnesses.

Provided by Springfield television station KOLR-TV