The 2015 confession of Nicholas Godejohn in a southwest Missouri killing is but a fraction of the hour and a half long interrogation footage watched by all twelve jurors and the defendant himself in court Monday.

Nicholas Godejohn trial in southwest Missouri’s Springfield (Image courtesy of KOLR-TV)

It is a strong start for Greene County Prosecutors in Springfield who for the next few days will work to prove their accusations that Godejohn not only murdered Dee Dee Blanchard but did so after considering the severity of the crime.

For the state that means proving Godejohn murdered Blanchard with a motive, in this case, prosecutors are claiming the motive is an infatuation with Dee Dee’s daughter, Gypsy, who at the time of her mothers killing was being abused.

“So you wouldn’t have done it if somebody else would’ve asked,” the interrogator asks at a certain point in the footage.

“No. There’s no way I would’ve did it for anyone else,” Godejohn replies. “I truly do worship her to the point where there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her.”

If the prosecution can prove the murder was pre-meditated, it’ll mean a first-degree murder conviction punished by either life in prison or a death sentence for Godejohn.

The only thing standing between Godejohn and that punishment is his defense team who won’t deny his guilt but will for the rest of the trial try to persuade jurors it was his autism that stood in the way of him comprehending what he confessed to doing in 2015.

(Missourinet media partner KOLR-TV contributed this report)