In January 2019, Missouri will have a new U.S. Senator, Republican Josh Hawley. Democrat Claire McCaskill conceded a hard-fought race tonight with a McCaskill-style exit.

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill conceeds to supporters at her re-election to Josh Hawley, the current Attorney General for the State of Missouri in St. Louis on November 6, 2018. McCaskill was the Democratic Senator for the State of Missouri for 12 years. Photo by Bill Greenblatt/UPI

“This state drives me crazy, but I love every corner of it. I really do,” McCaskill says. “I even love the reddest of the red counties and there were a lot of them tonight because the people of this state are down-to-earth and they are kind and they are like family to me. I feel like we’ve run a lot of elections together, Missouri and me. My record ends at 22-2. Not a bad record.”

McCaskill has served for twelve years in the upper chamber. She was state auditor from 1999-2007, Jackson County Prosecutor from 1993-1998 and a former Missouri State Representative from 1983-1988. In 2004, McCaskill was narrowly defeated in her race for governor against Republican Matt Blunt.

“For decades, I have been blessed to get up everyday and work in a challenging and interesting job trying to make things better in people’s lives. It has been such an honor,” she says. “I think I’ve made a difference at key moments and key ways. Believe it or not, I know my mouth gets me in trouble a lot, right? Believe it or not, I’ve had to be kind of careful. Not anymore!”

In his victory speech, Hawley says Missourians are united in the things they hold most dear.

“This election has been about our way of life. It has been about the Heartland way of life. It’s been about the way of life that built this country – the way of life that sustains this state. A way of life built around our churches and our faith, our families, our neighborhoods and our schools. I said from the very beginning, that this was about defending our way of life. It was about renewing it for a new day. We believe it’s not the past – it’s the future.”

Heading into today’s election, many pollsters put Missouri’s U.S. Senate race at a virtual tie.

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