Yes, this is what the Kansas City Chiefs have become…just average.  The difference between Kansas City’s “average” and most NFL teams is that other teams would love to be on the Chiefs level.  KC entered Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns averaging 36.3 points per game. OK, the Chiefs were slightly better than average in a 37-21 win.  Patrick Mahomes threw for 375 yards, with three touchdown passes, two to Travis Kelce as the Chiefs improved to 8-1.

This time Mahomes got the upperhand in Mahomes-Mayfield II.  When the two quarterbacks met in college in 2016, Mayfield’s Oklahoma Sooners got the best of Mahomes Texas Tech Red Raiders, as the two combined for 1,700 yards.  There was a little more defense in this game, but the Chiefs still managed 499 total yards.  The finished with an 8.6 yards per play average and that was actually above 10 yards per play minutes into the fourth quarter.

It was a nice homecoming for Ohio natives Kelce and Kareem Hunt.  Kelce had seven total catches for 99 yards and Hunt added 91 on the ground on 17 carries with a 50-yard touchdown coming off a screen pass in the first half.