I’m not saying it’s going to be all doom and gloom for the Chiefs the rest of the way out, but the time Tyreek Hill misses will negatively affect the offense. What’s important is to not rush Hill back until he completely heals.

Hill suffered a groin injury late in the fourth quarter against the Broncos that forced him out of the game. Fans will not get straight answers from the trainers and coaching staff.

“As far as the injuries go, [wide receiver] Tyreek [Hill] strained his groin, and we will just see how he does here,” Reid said. (See what I mean?)

Don’t worry about the time frame, just hope when Hill returns he’s back to the player who has accumulated 44 total catches for 705 yards and seven touchdowns this season.

Teams game plan around Hill with their defense and special teams.  He creates havoc.

How offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy counteracts the loss of Hill will be his first big challenge of 2018.

In addition to Hill’s injury the Chiefs lost two more linebackers with Anthony Hitchens going down and Frank Zombo leaving the game with a hamstring injury.   Zombo was re-signed to help shore up the position.

I’ve said multiple times on my podcast that injuries would be the only thing to bring this Chiefs team in line with the rest of the AFC.

As the 7-1 Chiefs manage their way through the second half of the season, the focus turns to the coaching staff and how they game plan and coach up until their star returns.