Law enforcement and volunteers continue searching for a 4-year-old Jefferson City boy who has been missing since Wednesday night or early Thursday. During a press conference today in Jefferson City, Police Lt. Dave Williams says a $500 CrimeStoppers reward is being offered for information about Darnell Gray. He did not go as far as saying a crime police believe a crime has been committed.

Darnell Gray

“CrimeStoppers has offered to give us that reward, just to try to get some of the people who may not want to be involved, incentive to call and give us that information. We believe that there are people that have information. A lot of times, they’re not willing to call in until there is some more incentive involved,” Williams says.

The boy is described as African-American, with short hair and two missing front teeth. He was wearing a black coat with fur lining, a Mickey Mouse hat and gloves, red Spiderman shoes and carrying a Black Panther backpack.

Gray was last seen between 11:00 pm and midnight on October 24 when he went to sleep. According to the Missouri State Patrol, at 7:00 a.m. Thursday, Gray was discovered missing along with his coat, hat, gloves, backpack, two juice boxes and some cookies from the residence.

Jefferson City police officers, state patrol troopers, sheriff’s deputies and the FBI are helping with the search. Williams encourages people who want to volunteer to help with the search to contact the police department.

“Going out there by yourself, only adds to the chaos that’s already there,” he says. “We have family members who are trying to help. We have friends that are trying to help. We have citizens calling us from all over the state. We ask that if you want to volunteer, you do that through a coordinated effort through our department.”

Citizens with information can call CrimeStoppers at 659-TIPS (659-8477) or at

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