The Joplin Police Department is investigating a possible sexual assault of an Uber driver. The 50-year-old woman sought treatment at Freeman Hospital on Sunday, three days after she alleges that she was sexually assaulted near a hotel.

Joplin Uber driver reports being raped by customer

The Uber driver gave two men a ride from a location to a downtown bar, and later in the evening realized that one of the drivers left their wallet in the back seat of her car.

The woman told police that she reached out to the owner of the wallet on social media and was told that he and his friend had relocated to the Old Chicago bar and restaurant. He invited her there to return the wallet.

The men offered to buy her a drink but she needed to return back to work. The woman agreed to return after she was done working for the night.

When the woman returned, the men were in a truck in the parking lot of a nearby hotel. She also told police that as she was talking to one of the men, the other fell asleep. The other man became aggressive, forcibly removing her clothing and sexually assaulting her.

The investigation is ongoing.

By Rob Rauch of Missourinet affiliate KZRG in Joplin