A Missouri farmer says this year has been a really bumpy weather ride.

Missouri farmer goes from a drought to a flood

“We have gone from extreme drought conditions in my part of the state to extremely wet conditions right now,” says Ronnie Russell, who farms in northwest Missouri’s Ray County.

He tells Brownfield Ag News that his area got 11 inches of rain last week.

“We lost a lot of our low-lying crops especially the soybeans that were in, really, some of the best soil that we have in the hilly portions of our county,” he says.

He hopes to get back to soybean harvest this week. Russell’s corn harvest was short because of the drought and he chopped most of it for silage.

Roughly 98% of the state has been impacted by drought this year. The hardest hit areas experiencing “exceptional drought” was in northwest Missouri along with Howard County in the central portion of the state. Much of the rest of northern Missouri was in the next highest level, “extreme drought” as were portions of 12 counties in the southwest part of the state.

By Julie Harker of Brownfield Ag News