A state lawmaker who represents southeast Missouri says a soybean processing plant planned for the Caruthersville area will be a “real shot in the arm” to the impoverished region. Nine out of the ten poorest counties in the state are in southeast Missouri. State Rep. Don Rone, R-Portageville, says Sedes Soy Crush will build the soybean crushing/processing facility near Caruthersville, at the Pemiscot County Port. He says the facility will create about 60 new jobs.

State Rep. Don Rone speaks on the Missouri House floor on March 7, 2018 (file photo courtesy of Tim Bommel at House Communications)

Rone says the plant will process non-GMO specialty soybeans that focus on high proteins.

“It’s a new seed, it’s going to be processed, it’s non-GMO,” Rone says. “The oil and the meal will be non-GMO.”

Sedes Soy Crush is part of Palindromes Incorporated. The company website says Palindromes is focused on sustainable and socially-responsible access to the world’s most basic needs, such as food and water.

“It’s (the plant) going to export the meal into Arkansas into the chicken industry, and hopefully abroad to the oil business to Europe, non-GMO,” says Rone.

Rone tells Missourinet the construction and 60 new jobs will help the region.

Caruthersville is located on the Mississippi River. Its website says more than 30% of the town’s residents are living below the poverty level. Four of Missouri’s highest counties with free and reduced school lunch participation rates are located in the Bootheel. Despite high poverty rates, there has been positive economic news in southeast Missouri, in addition to the soybean plant.

Rone says the newly-reopened smelter in Marston has hired more than 400 employees, and says it is considering whether to open a third line and a rod and wire mill.

That would mean an additional 150 to 200 jobs.

And New Madrid city administrator Richard McGill says the city is still in the running for a steel mill, adding that good progress has been made in discussions with the steel mill owner.

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