The Missouri Baptist Convention has more than 60 volunteers and a therapy dog named Steel helping Hurricane Florence victims. Disaster Relief Director Gaylon Moss tells Missourinet the team loaded up on Sunday and responded immediately to North Carolina.

Photo courtesy of Missouri Baptist Convention

“Preparation is the best form of response,” he says. “Between disasters, we spend time in training, organizing and planning and preparing for events just like this.”

They are serving thousands of hot meals to some people who have lost virtually everything. Others are doing laundry, offering childcare and providing spiritual reflection. Moss says victims are grateful for the help.

“They’re distraught but they’re so glad to get a hot meal, get their clothes washed and I’m sure interact with the community,” he says.

The volunteers come from all over Missouri.

“Through a mixture, we have some old timers and some new timers,” he says. “In fact, one lady here just trained in St. Joseph this past weekend. She heard about the need, showed up on Sunday and came down here to help out.”
Volunteers, victims and others are roughing it in the heat, humidity, flooded areas and some places without power.

“They (volunteers) are compelled to share their love with other people and this is how they can express that is by being here helping people in times of need,” he says.

The organization is seeking donations and additional volunteers to help with the disaster relief efforts.

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