Missouri’s two main U.S. Senate candidates have released their 2017 tax return information. Republican Josh Hawley wants his Democratic opponent, incumbent Claire McCaskill, to release her husband’s tax records from last year. Hawley would not go as far as saying his call is a double standard, since President Donald Trump, has not released any tax information.

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley

“That election is over. He (Trump) ran, he won. The people of this state voted for him (Trump) by 20 points,” Hawley says during a press call Wednesday. “I am holding her (McCaskill) to the standard the people of Missouri want in this Senate race. It’s the same standard I’m holding myself to. I’ve released my family’s returns with all the details. She needs to release her family’s returns.”

Trump is backing Hawley in the U.S. Senate race.

Hawley says McCaskill should “come clean” with Missouri’s voters.

“Now Senator McCaskill is running and there are serious questions about how she has profited from her seat in the U.S. Senate, how she has gotten to be one of the richest members of the Senate. What anybody else has done is immaterial. Look, the voters of Missouri have decided this. He (Trump) is not on the ballot but Senator McCaskill is on the ballot.”

Roll Call lists McCaskill as the 24th wealthiest Congressional member with much of her money coming from her husband, Joseph Shepard, who is a housing developer.

Missouri U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D)
Photo courtesy of clairemccaskill.com

Hawley says McCaskill’s husband has reportedly invested in offshore hedge funds to avoid paying U.S. taxes. He says he wants more information about $131 million in federal subsidies reportedly awarded to businesses connected to Shepard. There does not appear to be evidence that McCaskill helped her husband get the funding.

Hawley’s tax information says that he and his wife made a combined total just shy of $300,000.

McCaskill’s tax return which is filed independently of her husband’s, shows her salary as $174,000 and another $85,000 in pensions and annuities.

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