Missouri’s Republican Representative Billy Long took over a House Hearing and drowned out a heckler by using his auctioneering skills yesterday.  Check out the C-SPAN video here.

The hearing about social media censorship was briefly interrupted when a protester yelled at Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and asked for President Trump’s help.  But Long silenced her tirade.

Long has owned an auctioneering company.  He finished to applause in the House hearing room while the woman was escorted away by security.

In a bit of possible irony, Long may have subverted a political ally by drowning out the female heckler.  The Representative from southwest Missouri was one of President Trump’s early supporters in 2016.

The woman seemed to be repeating an accusation made by President Trump.

She was asking for the President’s help after claiming the Twitter CEO was trying to influence the election.

A day earlier, Trump claimed social media companies were interfering with the upcoming congressional elections The Republican head of state told the Daily Caller in an interview conducted on Tuesday “I think they already have” interfered in the Nov. 6 election.