The 2018 Kids Count Data Book from a national child welfare organization shows Missouri has slightly improved in most areas from the previous analysis. The evaluation is from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and is compiled through secondary data from the Missouri’s partner data collection agencies as well credible national entities, such as the U.S. Census Bureau.

Report ranks Missouri 26th in overall child well-being

The report ranks Missouri 14th in economic well-being based on things like the number of children living in poverty, kids whose parents lack secure employment, those living in households with high housing cost burden and teens not in school and not working.

The assessment also places Missouri 23rd in education. It weighed factors including the number of fourth-graders not proficient in reading, eighth graders not proficient in math and high school students not graduating on time.

The report puts Missouri 33rd in the health of its children based on the number of kids without health insurance, child and teen deaths and teens who abuse alcohol and drugs. The one area that Missouri showed a slight decline was the low birth weight of babies.

Missouri also ranks 28th in the report’s evaluation of family and community. It considers children in single-parent families, kids in families with the head of household lacking a high school diploma, children living in high-poverty areas.

To see the data book, click here.

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