IRS officials are calling on Missouri taxpayers to check if the right amount of money is being withheld. Spokesman Christopher Miller says the paycheck checkup is easy to use and basic paystub information is needed.

IRS reminds Missourians to check tax withholdings

“It’ll ask you for your earnings for the year, whether or not you tax credits, whether or not you have dependants. Things like that,” he says.

Miller says taking that checkup sooner rather than later is a good idea.

“Doing a paycheck checkup now will help taxpayers avoid a potential unwelcome surprise at tax time,” he says.

New tax laws have changed how much some Missourians are paying in taxes, and Miller says changing withholdings now can help spread out extra payments over several pay cycles, instead of all at once.

You might also be paying too much to the government.

“If people have a really large refund that’s expected, they may want to change their withholding to keep that money in their paycheck,” says Miller.

The checkup is available by clicking here.

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