Americans for Prosperity (AFP) in Missouri has launched a $2.1 million ad campaign against Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill.

The large television and digital ad buy starting today from the Koch Network funded group criticizes McCaskill for her support of former President Barack Obama’s health care law.

The ad contends McCaskill is culpable for rising health care and prescription drug costs by voting for the Affordable Care Act, while opposing more affordable plans. Those plans are short-term, limited-duration health insurance plans (STLD) made more accessible by the Trump administration.  While less expensive, those offerings don’t include coverage required in the Affordable Care Act for ailments such as preexisting conditions.

McCaskill has made preexisting conditions a center piece of her re-election campaign.

The AFP ad also claims McCaskill’s husband made millions off “fat government contracts”, a reference to a company he founded called Sugar Creek Capital, which invests in low-income housing and receives federal subsidies.

The AFP ad fell short of claims made by a commercial from the National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) that was panned and given Three Pinocchios by the Washington Post.  That ad said McCaskill’s husband received $131 million when subsidies went to a low-income housing project in which he was an investor.  He had no say in distribution of profits.

There’s also no evidence McCaskill played a role in directing funds toward low-income housing projects her husband invests in.

A spokesperson for AFP told Missourinet its ad doesn’t specifically say McCaskill’s husband profited by $131 million from the housing project, but said the timeline shows that his fortunes have risen in the 12 years she’s been in the Senate.

McCaskill has criticized the use of outside money against her, and her campaign often mentions the Koch Network as an example in emails that seek donations.  She’s said $70-80 million will be spent on the Missouri Senate race by outside dark money groups, acknowledging a portion of that money will be intended to help her re-election bid.

The new AFP ad is meant to mobilize voters against Sen. McCaskill in the upcoming election.  The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows McCaskill and Republican opponent Josh Hawley in a statistical tie in November’s Missouri U.S. Senate race.

McCaskill is thought by many national political experts to be among the most vulnerable Democratic Senators running for re-election in a state carried by President Trump in 2016.