One prominent Missouri political group is backing Amendment One In November.

Springfield League of Women Voters chapter endorses Clean Missouri ballot measure – image courtesy of KOLR TV feature

On Tuesday, members of The League of Women Voters gathered in Springfield to endorse the measure known as Clean Missouri.

The measure would change several things about the way the state government is run, by eliminating most lobbyist gifts in the general assembly.

It would require legislative records to conform to certain open records laws.

The measure further calls for a change in the way voting districts are drawn up.  Its supporters say it would make sure no political party gains an advantage when voter maps are drawn.

Ann Elwell, a member of The League of Women Voters, explains why the issue of fair voter maps, matters to her.

“Because of the way maps are drawn, candidates are essentially unopposed. And they don’t have to work hard to get to know their voters, they instead work hard to get to know their donors. And that’s not the way our democracy’s set up,” says Elwell.

Missouri’s Chamber of Commerce has filed a lawsuit to stop amendment one from showing up on the ballot, saying it bundles together several issues under a single ballot item.