The move by Republicans in the Missouri Legislature to switch Proposition A from November to August in hopes of a favorable turnout has backfired. Opponents of Proposition A carried a strong upper hand all evening in primary election results. Some 280,000 voters opposed making Missouri a Right-to-work state while roughly 176,000 supported Proposition A.

Proposition A fails in Missouri

The measure asked Missourians whether to ban forced union membership or dues as a condition of employment.

Missouri Democratic Party Chairman Stephen Webber issued the following statement about today’s win for unions:

“Tonight, Missouri voters rejected a top Republican priority and sent a resounding message that we will not leave working people behind. Standing together, Democrats and working families successfully fought off this shameless attack on the middle class from corrupt Republican politicians in Jeff City,” said Webber.

On the other side, Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Dan Mehan had the following statement:

“Using a roughly $20 million war chest, union bosses have blocked Missourians from having the freedom to decide whether or not they join a union and pay dues. As our state became a national battleground over worker freedom, millions of union dollars poured into Missouri to persuade voters. These out-of-state groups sent money to Missouri because they were fearful of losing out if Missourians had the power to stop their paychecks from being siphoned to pad union coffers and play politics,” said Mehan.

He goes on to say his statement is not a concession and the chamber will continue to pursue such measures.