The historic southeast Missouri town of St. Genevieve has gathered to commemorate its federal designation as a National Park. Congress and President Trump approved the designation this year after a National Park Service study declared dozens of area properties as historically significant.

Amoureux House (Photo courtesy of KREI in Farmington)

During a ceremony, Mayor Paul Hassler tells Missourinet affiliate KREI in Farmington the National Park Service will acquire about 13 acres of land in the town of 4,500, which is known for its French colonial architecture.

“The biggest significance to the community is for preservation, to preserve a pristine piece of property that’s going to be showcased and opened up to the rest of the state, the country and the world. I’m so excited because when the national park puts their stamp on something, they do it with excellence. I’m all about doing things with excellence,” says Hassler.

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt, R-Missouri, says he’s been working on this project his entire time he’s been in the Senate.

“It is a great community. It has a great story, great past, great future. This national park involvement will be a little part of that great future that would’ve occurred without the park system but I think is significantly enhanced by the park system,” Blunt says.

The community has been working on the designation for about twenty years.
Other dignitaries at the event include U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, National Parks System Regional Director Cam Scholly, and Parks Superintendent Tim Good.

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