BRANSON, Mo. — As we’re learning more information about the accident, concerns are growing about the actual boat itself.

Steve Paul, a private vehicle inspector from St. Louis, says he knew there were design flaws in the Duck Boat.

Paul said he went to Branson last summer to inspect the Duck Boats and said he was concerned that the engine exhaust pipe was at the front of the boat, not at the rear where it would be behind the passengers.

“There’s water coming up to the exhaust and what’s going to happen is the engine is going to seize up from having water in it and the boat is not going to move as well as the billage pump, which pumps water out of the boat is not going to be functioning because the engine is not running,” Paul said.

Paul also took issue with the canopy over the passengers, which he said turned the boat into a “people trapper”.

He hopes that new standards will be created for amphibious vehicles in light of the tragedy.

Missourinet media partner KOLR-TV contributed this story