Georgia winning the East Division?  Absolutely understand that.  I also accept South Carolina being picked for second in the division.  However, after a 45-16 whoopin’ of the Florida Gators last year in Columbia, a new coach in Gainesville and a Missouri team that is returning basically it’s entire offense, how did the SEC Media come to the conclusion that the Gators would finish ahead of Mizzou?

Florida went 4-7 last year.  The media picked Dan Mullen to leapfrog not only Mizzou but also Kentucky.

Plus four homers even picked the Gators to win the East?  The good ole’ south refuses to give Mizzou even a trace of respect in the conference where it “just means more.”

More fuel to the fire for the 2018 Tigers.

EASTERN DIVISION (1st Place votes in parenthesis)

Georgia (271) 1977
South Carolina (8) 1535
Florida (4) 1441
Missouri 1057
Kentucky (1) 874
Tennessee (1) 704
Vanderbilt 392