Mizzou Athletics was the least profitable SEC program but still brought in over $97 million in revenue, but was the only SEC school to not generate more than $100 million.  Still, Missouri was ranked 32nd out of 230 public D-I schools.  This was the first year since 2012 than Mizzou didn’t operate with a profit.  They were at a four and a half million dollar deficit.  Athletic Director Jim Sterk attributed that to falling season football ticket sales, increased coaches salaries and the completion of the new softball complex.  Sterk says it will take a couple of years to make up the deficit and the athletic department projects an extra $4 million in revenue when the south end zone project is completed by the start of the 2019 season.

I say there is nothing to be concerned with.  I believe Sterk has the program moving in the right direction.

Hopefully the soccer team rescue from the cave in Thailand will continue to be successful.  I start the podcast with a look at some of the more ridiculous ideas they had for saving those young boys and their coach.