Cole County Circuit Court judge Jon Beetem is considering a legal challenge about the appointment of Missouri’s lieutenant governor. The state Democratic Party and a southern Missouri veteran have filed a lawsuit in response to Governor Parson picking fellow Republican Mike Kehoe to serve in the position. The lawsuit asks the Cole County Circuit Court in Jefferson City to declare the governor does not have the power to appoint someone to the position. The party wants to require the position be filled by voters electing someone to the spot.

Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe (2017 photo courtesy of Senate Communications)

Last month, Parson announced the appointment of Kehoe, the Senate Majority Floor Leader of Jefferson City. After the announcement, Kehoe immediately took the oath of office.

Many lawmakers and their attorneys have been studying to see if the governor has the authority to appoint someone to the elected position. The Missouri Constitution does not state a clear path for filling the office when it suddenly becomes vacant.

Some Democrats support Kehoe taking over the office, including state Senators Jamilah Nasheed of St. Louis, Gina Walsh of Bellefontaine Neighbors and Kiki Curls of Kansas City, who all served with Kehoe.

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