Cardinals fans critical of Mike Matheny intentionally putting the winning on base in the 10th inning.  They’re upset with Marcell Ozuna for diving for a ball.  I have no issues with those decisions…my issue with Mike Matheny was how he handled the bullpen in the ninth inning.

Matheny brought in Bud Norris to face the bottom of the order in a tie game, then they didn’t have his closer for the tenth.

Ned Yost was brought to tears when he found one of the Royals best homegrown pitchers was getting shipped off to Washington.  Hear from Yost.

Michael Porter Jr says the reports of a hip strain and back spasms completely blew up…he’s 100% healthy.

Fox Sports caught two spectators engaged in a conversation about an ex-girlfriend during the U.S. Open.  It happens when microphones get too close to the action.