Thanks for listening to my daily look at sports and life here in Missouri.

Listener Joey, who won my NCAA bracket challenge will finally be getting his Bobblehead trophy as it was explained to me, “in the coming weeks.”  I’ll update you on the never-ending saga of “Todd The Schmuck”

Listener Steve and Listener Uncle Frank (not my uncle Frank) are getting Mama Deanne’s cookies shipped today!

My rant on instant replay.  If you watched out Cardinals or Royals, you and I both know Harrison Bader was safe at second and Mike Moustakas was safe at home…so why do we even bother with instant replay?

My rant on the Cardinals.  I thought bringing back Jose Oquendo was going to correct the mental errors?  Six errors, baserunning blunders, pitchers failing at pick-off attempts…a frustrating weekend in St. Louis.

My rant on the World Cup.  A full day of soccer yielded eight…a total of eight goals.  Good gravy.