Governor Mike Parson continues to work on getting filled three other Missouri Board of Education vacancies.

Photos courtesy of Tim Bommel, House Communications

“We want to fill those other three positions as soon as we can,” he says. “Hopefully, if we can get that vetted and everything, maybe by the first of the year.”

This week, the Republican governor appointed Republican Peter Herschend of Branson and Democrat Carol Hallquist of Kansas City to serve – making the board functional once again after months of lacking enough official members to conduct business. Parson tells Missourinet affiliate KSSZ in Columbia appointing the two members shows Missourians that state government is still operating.

“You’re talking about the responsibility of our kids in school all across the state of Missouri,” he says. “A lot of bad things can happen when you don’t have a quorum and when it can’t make decisions. So, it was important for me to get that back up and make sure the state knew that everything is going to be okay.”

Other members of the board include Republican Charlie Shields, President; Republican O. Victor Lenz, Jr., Vice President; Democrat Michael W. Jones. When all seats are filled, the panel is comprised of eight citizens appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate. No more than four members of the panel can belong to the same political party.

Brad Tregnago of Missourinet affiliate KSSZ in Columbia contributed to this story.