Springfield-based Russell Cellular is creating 135 new jobs in the southwest Missouri region and building a new eight-million dollar corporate headquarters there. According to a press release from the Springfield Chamber of Commerce, the additional jobs and 40,000 square foot site will be created over the next five years. Nathan Mindeman, Vice President of Sales Operations, tells Missourinet the job openings will be in a variety of departments, including human resources, payroll, IT support and operations.

Southwest Missouri wireless company is expanding

Chamber economic development staff worked with company leaders as they narrowed down possible locations for the expansion and helped the company access state incentives from the Missouri Department of Economic Development. Along with partners at Greene County and the City of Battlefield, the Chamber also connected Russell Cellular to various community resources to ensure the company’s capital investment and job creation remained in the Springfield region.

“We know that nationally, the majority of all new jobs are created by existing businesses in a community, and Russell Cellular’s expansion is a great example of that,” says Ryan Mooney, the Chamber’s senior vice president of economic development. “We know they could decide to grow in lots of different places in their expanding territory, but we applaud their decision to create these kinds of high-wage jobs right here in our region. We will continue to focus on creating a vibrant community that makes headquarters operations like this possible here.”

In 1993, Jeff Russell left a career in farming to start selling wireless phones from the trunk of his car. One year later, he launched Russell Cellular’s first corporate office in Springfield. Today, the company operates more than 400 stores in 30 states and employs more than 1,700 people with about 150 of those being Missouri workers.

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