The felony computer tampering case against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is not moving forward. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has announced during a news conference today that she has dismissed the case after reaching an agreement with Greitens’ defense team. Gardner did not take questions from reporters, but her spokesperson said Greitens’ defense team reached out to the Circuit Attorney’s Office to offer his resignation in exchanged for the case being dismissed.

Kim Gardner (Photo courtesy of Jill Enders)

“I believe the most fair and just way to resolve this situation is to dismiss the Computer Tampering charge,” says Gardner. “If Mr. Greitens were convicted of this charge, it would be unlikely that he would be sentenced to prison, given his first-time-offender status and the type and level of the charge he faced. I remain confident that we have the evidence required to pursue charges against Mr. Greitens. But sometimes, pursuing charges is not the right or just thing to do for our city or state. Just as I believe the Mr. Greitens’ decision to resign is best for our state, I too, have to consider the totality of the situation.”

In April, Gardner charged Greitens by complaint with computer tampering, which is like electronic theft. The charge stems from the governor’s alleged attempt to take and use a donor list from his former St. Louis charity – The Mission Continues – without the permission of charity officials.

Last year, Greitens paid a $100 penalty after admitting he received the donor list. The donor information was used to bankroll the governor’s political campaign.

Greitens has criticized Gardner for charging him a second time by saying Gardner will use any charge she can to smear him.

“Contrary to Mr. Greiten’s past statements, there has been no witch hunt. No plans to bring pain to him or his family. Quite the contrary,” Gardner says. “The consequences Mr. Greitens has suffered, he brought upon himself. By his actions. By his statements. By his decisions. By his ambition. And his pursuit for power.”

Today’s news comes after Gardner’s office dismissed the felony invasion-of-privacy case against Greitens just two weeks ago. Greitens plans to resign on Friday at 5 p.m.

By Jill Enders and Alisa Nelson