Beginning in the overnight hours on Tuesday, May 29, southbound drivers on Hwy 63 should expect changes and delays on the bridge south of Discovery Parkway- over Bonne Femme Creek.

As the bridge repair continues, only one 12-foot lane will be open through the work zone until mid-June.  The entire project is scheduled for completion in July.

Missouri Department of Transportation traffic modeling indicates that during peak travel times, delays will routinely reach 30 minutes or more, with times where backups could be closer to two hours. Look for message boards, signs and of course, road construction crews.

MoDOT urges drivers to help traffic flow better by using the zipper merge concept before entering the work zone, that is when traffic is slowed or stopped, motorists can use both lanes of traffic until they reach the point where the road is closed, then take turns with other drivers to ease into the remaining lane.

MoDOT’s  Traveler Information Map provides current traffic conditions. Vehicle crashes and other incidents are noted on the map, which will inform drivers that the road is closed, to expect delays or that delays are possible. The map also shows real-time traffic flow.