So maybe Jim Sterk had to back off of his comments about Dawn Staley, although I truly feel she helps create a hostile environment at South Carolina women’s basketball games.  Anyway, he apologized and Mizzou will pay $25,000 to her charity and $25,000 to the lawyers.  However, he did not back down from backing his players and staff who claimed they were called names and spit on at a January 28th game.  For that, I applaud Sterk.

I also stumbled upon this rap video from the artist Blacc Dolla that was uploaded to YouTube last week.  I would describe the artist’s song as vulgar.  Faurot Field is prominently displayed in the music video.  I talk with the video’s producer.

Plus hear from the Chiefs following their first round of OTAs.  Andy Reid is trying to throw everything he can at Patrick Mahomes who said he is feeling more comfortable in the quarterback role.

Anthony Reyes will pitch Tuesday for the Cardinals.  He was remarkable in his final rehab start, striking out nine in a row at one point.