A Missouri House committee’s investigation of accusations against Governor Eric Greitens has been mostly closed to the public and press. The panel’s move to have several closed-door hearings has been criticized by some. However, the committee has brought a level of transparency by releasing full transcripts of witness testimony during the hearings.

Some of the key takeaways from the several hundred pages of transcripts:

*The alleged victim explains incident of sexual coercion and a threat of blackmail by Greitens.

*The woman continued a sexual relationship with Greitens after a photograph was allegedly taken and a threat of blackmail was made.

*Greitens told alleged victim he used a disposable “burner” phone to call her on different occasions.

*The woman states that she had stronger feelings for Greitens than he did for her.

*The alleged victim states that her ex-husband is jealous, controlling and wanted revenge on the governor.

*After affair started, the woman was followed on several occasions.

*Television reporter used a fake name to book a hair appointment to confront woman about affair with Greitens.

*The alleged victim found out moments before a television news report was going to air that her affair with the governor was going to be made public.

Click here to view the full transcripts.

WARNING: The report contains graphic material and sensitive language.