The weekend kicked off in southwest Missouri damaging winds and four tornadoes Friday evening.

Photo from Jeffrey Pettibone in Forsyth, Missouri near Branson courtesy of KOLR-TV

According to KOLR-TV meteorologist Wes Peery, the strongest twister was an EF-2 with wind speeds of 130 miles-per-hour in Macomb, which is roughly 50 miles east of Springfield.

EF-1 tornadoes with winds of 95-to100 miles per hour were reported in Dawson, Success, and Licking.

KOLR reports that Taney County saw straight-line wind damage to a highway bridge project in Forsyth near Branson.  Supplies and debris were blown across the structure of the Highway 76 bridge construction project while the surrounding landscape was strewn with debris.

KOLR reports a home was completely destroyed near Norwood along U.S. Highway 60 east of Springfield.  Homeowner Jack Chadwell says the house is a total loss.

“I think everything was destroyed,” said Chadwell.  “We got a few things out of the cabinet but all the stuff in there is destroyed. What the tornado didn’t take the rain came in last night.”

No one was inside the home when the twister blew through.  Chadwell says most of the house was leveled and shredded into rubble.

“You couldn’t possibly look at this and not be amazed at the power of that storm,” Chadwell said.  “We’re glad to be alive. And things could be worse.”

About 10 miles east of Norwood on Highway 60 is Mountain Grove, where a homeowner was home with his grandkids watching weather coverage. when the worst of the storms hit.  George Scott Told KOLR it all lasted about a minute and a half.

“All we heard was what we thought was hail, but it was probably just debris that was flying around,” Scott said. “The windows were fluctuating in and out and you could get a pressure sense in your ears like your ears popping.”

Scott’s house was damaged by straight line winds.  The garage was destroyed, as well as everything in it while the home’s roof, deck, and trees in the yard also received some damage.

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