Photo courtesy of KWIX radio

The Moberly Fire Department and State Patrol have rescued several people from Monday’s flood waters. Highway Patrol Sgt. Eric Brown tells Missourinet affiliate KWIX in Moberly that the northern Missouri area is recovering from about five inches of rainfall on Monday.

“Especially in the southern part of our troop, in the Chariton and Randolph County areas, there’s a lot of flood water,” he says. “As the water is rising very quickly, if you do get stuck in it, the water could quickly rise over the top of your vehicle and put you in a very serious position of danger. You’re also placing a lot of first responders at risk, whether that be law enforcement, or firefighters or volunteer first responders who are coming to make this flood rescues.”

Moberly Fire Chief George Albert says six inches of rushing water can sweep a vehicle away.

“Stay out of rushing water, because you don’t know how deep the water is. You may only think it’s a couple inches deep but it’ll actually end up being two or three foot deep. Then you’re going to be submerged and stuck to where someone has got to come get you out.”

Heavy rainfall and flooding could continue throughout most of Missouri today and into tomorrow.