The ex-husband of the woman Governor Eric Greitens had an affair with has filed a motion for a protective order from Governor Greitens.

Governor Eric Greitens photographed after being taken into custody (Photo courtesy of the St. Louis City Sheriff’s office)

The document requests that Greitens be blocked from harassing or threatening the ex-husband or from being present when the ex-husband appears in court.

The document says the ex-husband is highly fearful of Greitens after the governor demonstrated reckless disregard for damages caused to the ex-husband, his former wife, and his children. It says the ex-husband fears actions Greitens might take using his skill set as a former Navy SEAL.

The motion also seeks to quash a subpoena for the unnamed ex-husband to appear in court Monday, contending Greitens attorney failed to give the proper notice ten days before the scheduled appearance.

Greitens faces charges of felony invasion of privacy after being accused of taking a photo of the woman partially nude without her consent and then threatening to distribute it if she mentioned his name.  The incident is alleged to have taken place in 2015 before Greitens was elected. He denies wrongdoing.

A spokesman for Greitens’ legal team responded to the court filing by saying, “It’s hard to keep track of who is driving this clown car and where they are headed.”

In the court motion, the ex-husband claims the acts of Greitens caused the “reckless” destruction” of his marriage to the woman.  The motion also contends Greitens undermined he and his ex-wife’s efforts to reconcile their marriage

The document claims the ex-husband was forced to endure campaign media images including those of Greitems “Spewing forth thousands of rounds of ammunition from a machine gun”.

It also says he was forced to hire an attorney to deal with a political operative who wanted to disclose how Greitens victimized his ex-wife before he was elected Governor.