Eight teams to start and nobody left.  The SEC had the second most teams represented in March Madness and have zilch.  I tried telling you all season the conference was overrated and look how they’re competing against the rest of the country?  Also, I’m gonna shoot straight with you about this–I’m not taking away the accomplishments of Mizzou this season, but this team was never worthy of an 8-seed.  They were a bubble team at best and quite frankly, the Tigers and Alabama should have been relegated to the NIT.

While I’m shooting straight, let me tell you what else I’m talking about today’s podcast:

-Missouri State’s new basketball coach has a tremendous job ahead of him, but he’s saying all the right things.
-Central Missouri plays tonight for the D-II national championship…if they pull this off it will be a miracle. I’ll tell you why.

Plus an update on the “Beat The Schmuck” Bracket Challenge!