1:20 laying out the rules for the “Beat the Schmuck” challenge
6:10 looks like Missouri State has their new basketball coach
7:00 what the hell is going on with Alex Gordon?
7:50 Mizzou football lands another uninspiring prospect
9:15 2 questions I get most about Michael Porter Jr answered
17:45 the interview is so bad, I almost cut it from the show…but it’s so bad it’s good.

The two questions I have been asked the most about Michael Porter Jr.  Should he have come back and played for Mizzou this year?  Should he come back for one more year?  My answers are yes and no…I’ll explain in the podcast.

Plus, an interview so bad, it’s good.  When it comes to the workplace and watching March Madness, you’ll hear from the expert and then you’ll hear my take on how to handle work productivity around the NCAA tournament.  A must listen for employees and employers.