Most all of Missouri experienced snow flurries overnight Monday morning.  Accumulations are from one-to-three inches in the western and central portion of the state, while build-up in eastern Missouri is one-to-two inches.

MoDOT tow plow – Photo courtesy of Missouri Dept. of Transportation

Meteorologist Gary Schmocker with the National Weather Service in St. Louis says ground temperatures are quite cold, at zero or below, which means the snow will cling to surfaces.

“The snow is sticking on everything, so your sidewalks, parking lots, anything that’s not well treated is going to have some snow cover, some slippery spots,” said Schmocker.

Snow accumulation in the St. Louis area are expected to top out at one inch.

Meteorologist Spencer Mell with the National Weather Service in Kansas City doesn’t think motorists will experience excessively dangerous conditions.  “Everyone’s getting in on the snow,” said Mell.  “It’s not very heavy, but just enough to be kind of a nuisance out there, enough to make conditions a little treacherous, and you will have to take it easy.”

The snow on the ground in most of Missouri won’t by melting for several days.  The one-to-three inches of accumulation will stay in place through Wednesday because temperatures will hover at zero or below both Monday and Tuesday night.

Meteorologist Schmocker in St. Louis notes wind chill advisories will be in place across Missouri tonight, but the coldest conditions will be in the eastern region.

“The actual wind chill values will drop down,” Schmocker said.  “In the St. Louis area (it’ll be) around minus-15 early Tuesday morning for wind chills.  And then further north, up toward Kirksville, those areas we’re talking about minus-25 wind chills.”

Meteorologist Mell in Kansas City says the temperatures will warm up as the week progresses.  “Right now, we’re forecasting 50 degrees as we get into Saturday.  However, a little bit of snow on the ground could temper those temperatures as we get to the end of the week.  However, we will see a warm-up.”

The next chance of rain right now in Missouri is projected to be Saturday night into Sunday.