Chris Hentges is the back as the Helias football coach.  A teacher for 25 years at the school, and a coach for all but three, he took those years off to watch his son Hale play football at Alabama. Hentges is a tight end for the national champs.

Chris was an All-American for the Crusaders in the 1980s, playing for his father, Ray.  The Crusaders won 50 games under Hentges, including district titles the past four seasons. Helias was the Class 4 runner-up in 2008 and 2009.

“Helias football has been an important part of my life and I’ve truly missed being involved with the program the last three years. When the position came open I spent time in prayer and discussion with my family. I am grateful the administration is entrusting the program to me. My expectation is for both players and coaches to represent Helias with honor and class; and my goal is to make Helias football the best program in the state.”d.”

This morning at a press conference at the school, Chris talked about discussing the opportunity with his son.

Chris Hentges coaching record:

2006 7-3
2007 10-0
2008 8-1
2009 10-0
2010 6-4
Total:  41-8


2007 0-1
2008 4-1
2009 4-1
2010 1-1

Total: 9-4