The Missouri Conservation Commission would be doubled in size, if a state lawmaker has his way.

The Missouri Department of Conservation sign (file photo)

State Sen. Brian Munzlinger, R-Williamstown, has filed a Senate joint resolution, calling for a proposed constitutional amendment.

The Missouri Conservation Commission currently has four members.

Under Senator Munzlinger’s plan, the Commission would be increased to eight members and each member would be appointed from each of the eight conservation regions.

Munzlinger’s plan says that no more than four Commission members could belong to the same political party. The proposal also says no Commission member could serve for more than one six-year term, over a 12-year period.

If lawmakers support the plan, the issue would go before Missourians in a statewide vote.

The Missouri Department of Conservation website notes Conservation Commissioners appoint a Department director, serve as the Department’s policy makers, approve wildlife code regulations and are involved in strategic planning and budget development.

The 2018 Missouri legislative session begins January 3 at noon in Jefferson City.