Everyone keeps saying it is coming down to the Cardinals and Giants as far as which team is going to land Giancarlo Stanton.  Not really.  Nobody knows what Stanton is thinking although I think he really does want to move back to southern California and ultimately play with the Dodgers.

Don’t think he has to decide on moving to San Francisco or St. Louis this week or even this month.  He can drag the trade negotiations for as long as he wants and may even decide to just play another year in Miami, which would force the Marlins to really strike a deal that wouldn’t really help the team.  At some point, the clock has to start ticking for the Cardinals.  Do they wait or move on and start signing other free agents?

This is a deal the Marlins want done…its not the other way around where the player wants out. That’s a big difference in how this plays out.

I talk about the Talking Heads-‘Once in a Lifetime’ with President Trump.  Here’s the video