Some of the fastest shooting stars of the year will brighten up your weekend tonight. Mizzou astronomer Angela Speck tells Missourinet the meteors will come from the constellation Leo. The best show will be around 4 a.m. Saturday in the southeast sky.

Photo courtesy of NASA

“It’s new moon tomorrow, which means that in terms of where the moon is from our perspective, kind of close to the direction to the sun. In the middle of the night, there’s no moon. So, we actually have a dark sky. That makes it easier to see,” says Speck.

The number of shooting stars you are likely to see could be able one per minute.

If it’s cloudy, you won’t be able to see the shooting stars.

“The best advice is, get up around 3:30, look out the window and see if it looks like it’s cloudy. If it is, then go back to bed,” Speck chuckles. “If it looks like it’s clear, it’s definitely worth heading out. This is a good one and because of the dark sky, you should be able to see some stuff.”

Speck says it’s best to view the meteors with the naked eye, not a telescope.