Kansas City Chiefs nose tackle Roy Miller is accused of dragging his wife by the hair, tearing a braid from her head and nearly ripping off her shirt at the couple’s home where several children were at the time this all went down.  There were witnesses inside the home at the time who could corroborate some of the details provided by Nicole Miller.  Miller was arrested on domestic battery charges early Saturday morning, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office police report.  The Chiefs released a statement on Saturday that they were in the process of gathering details.  Now is the time for the Chiefs and the NFL to take harsh stand.

I’ll look back at the weekend at Mizzou, starting with the statue dedication of Norm Stewart, followed up by the men’s basketball win and the Tigers football team inching closer to bowl eligibility.

What was the deal with Michael Porter Jr. sitting out the season opener?  I’ll tell you what I know.

Is Drew Lock ready for the NFL after this season?  I’ll answer that question.

Plus, my college football predictions from this past weekend, and which teams should be in the college football playoff.