Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson has launched a new statewide program called “Buy Missouri”. Parson tells Brownfield Ag News the program promotes Missouri-made products while strengthening the state’s economy.

Lt. Gov. Mike Parson

“We want to make that they understand what Missouri products are in those grocery stores or hardware stores or department stores,” says Parson. “We want them to take a good look at a Missouri product first.”

The “Buy Missouri” program is similar to a farm and food-related program already developed.

“AgriMissouri, for example, we kicked that off many years ago promoting agriculture products,” says Parson. “We’re just taking this to another level, but we want to take it to all products that are made in Missouri.”

Promoting Missouri products ranging from barbecue sauce to windows to pet food will be good for Missouri manufacturers and consumers, says Parson.
A statewide fly-around to ten Missouri communities this week is promoting the “Buy Missouri” initiative.

“We want that customer to go to that shelf with either a logo or a tag or whatever it may be, to say ‘hey, this is made in Missouri,’” he says, “and give them a choice.”

Written by Tom Steever of Brownfield Ag News