The second half of today’s podcast features Madison Tillmann, a 17-year old from Jefferson City.  When her family moved to Missouri when she was in the sixth grade, she said it was difficult to make friends.  She was on a hockey team, but decided to quit when the boys got to be a little bigger. (There are only co-ed hockey teams in mid-Missouri).

After giving cheerleading a try for a few years, she wanted to spend her senior year of high school doing what she loves the most…playing hockey.  So, she’s following her heart.

Its a conversation about trying to fit in, making new friends and not letting your fears hold you back.

I don’t know if you saw the World Series, but the Dodgers and Vin Scully put on a production that would make Hollywood jealous, when it came to throwing out the first pitch.  The fans in L.A. and I think its safe to say baseball fans around America love and respect Scully, but what the Dodgers organization did last night really threw their starting pitcher for a loop and could have been a disaster of a first inning.

I share my less than popular, but unique opinion of the ceremonial first pitch.

September of 2015 was the last time the Mizzou football team won back-to-back games in the same season.   One of those teams…the UConn Huskies.

CBS Sports ranked all 351 D-I college basketball programs.  Where do our four Missouri programs rank?  (We have four D-I basketball programs?)  Yeah, we actually have five…I forgot about UMKC!!!  The Kangaroos are 294th!  Oh well, I’m not editing my podcast.  I’ll break down the list.