Kansas senior guard Devonte Graham was selected as the Big 12 player of the of the year in a basketball preseason poll. We saw him on Sunday and he was 6 of 13 from three point range while the rest of KU was only 2 of 12.  He’s the biggest reason the Jayhawks won that game.  Other Sunday observations:  Mizzou will be a much better shooting team.  Tigers were 14 of 32 from three.  Jordan Barnett was 5 of 7, Kassius Robertson was 3 of 5.  Michael Porter Jr, 21 points but just 6 of 20 shooting, 2 of 9 from three point range.  MPJ was hard on himself after the loss.

The Tigers are going to go through their second season without their top running back Demarea Crockett who had shoulder surgery on Sunday, but true freshman Larry Rountree has evolved into a dependable option alongside senior Ish Witter.  Rountree says he’s ready to carry the load.

A 2:28 World Series game!  I’ll give you the simple reasons this was such a short game, but how it wasn’t good for baseball.

I told you yesterday that Jose Oquendo was coming back to coach third base for the Cardinals and Willie McGee will coach.  St. Louis still looking for a pitching coach.  High on their list was Chicago native Jim Hickey who was pitching coach at Tampa Bay, but with the Cubs firing their pitching coach Chris Bosio, it’s possible Hickey lands with Joe Maddon.  I’ll explain why the Cardinals should hire Bosio.