The House GOP Conference Secretary says the best part of his job is traveling across his southern Missouri district.

Congressman Jason Smith (R-Missouri)

U.S. Rep. Jason Smith, R-Salem, represents 30 southern Missouri counties.

“Which happens to be the largest congressional district in the state of Missouri, just under 20,000 square miles,” Smith says. “It’s 30 counties. It goes from 20 miles south of St. Louis to ten miles east of Branson.”

Smith is visiting 15 counties in his sprawling district this week. He is speaking to schools, small businesses and civic organizations.

Smith also visited the Iron County Medical Center in Pilot Knob.

The Congressman says the GOP-controlled House has delivered on all of President Donald Trump’s (R) priorities.

Smith, however, criticizes the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans 52-48. He says while the House has passed 360 bills this Congress, the Senate has approved fewer than 100.

“We have 280-some bills sitting over there (the Senate) from the House, including the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, to purchasing insurance across state lines, associated health plans, repeal and replacement of Dodd-Frank,” says Smith.

Smith also wants to protect sheltered workshops, saying they play an important role in his sprawling southeast Missouri district.

He toured the Poplar Bluff Sheltered Workshop this week.

“I’ve traveled the whole state of Missouri visiting a lot of sheltered workshops and those are something extremely important that we need to make sure we help and preserve,” Smith says.

Smith is also pushing tax reform, saying the House GOP plan would provide a tax cut for every American.

U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Kansas City, and other Democratic critics say President Donald Trump’s tax plan would provide tax breaks to billionaires and millionaires.